• Choose your own start time
  • Playable everywhere
  • Suitable for all kinds of groups
  • Played over 10.000 times

The city is in turmoil as the police hoist the lifeless body of a young woman from the water. Who committed this brutal murder? The residents are in shock, the perpetrator has disappeared and the investigation team is left in the dark. It’s time to hire a private investigator with an impeccable reputation and you’re the perfect candidate!

As a true Sherlock you have to combine logic and empathy with field work to reconstruct the preceding events and thus solve this murder mystery. Dig through the city for clues about the murder weapon. Win the trust of witnesses and listen to their valuable testimonies about the appearance of the perpetrator. Take photographs of the possible crime scenes and make sure another private investigator does not take credit for your hard work.

Forget crime novels, CSI and Clue. This compelling Sherlock City Game makes every company team event, anniversary or bachelorette party an adventure!

You and your team members each get a smartphone or tablet with GPS. This way you can find the clues and witnesses that are scattered all over the city. Using the same device you can follow every movement of your opponents in real time and try to spy on them to steal a clue. Do you think you have the first name or last name of the killer, or know what weapon he used? Then get to one of the police stations scattered across the map as quickly a possible. Because the first one to guess one of the clues right will get bonus points!

It was very satisfying to step by step figure out who the killer was. Also the photo assignments are a nice addition to the game.


How does it work?


Step 1 – Buying a game code

Order a game code. First you choose which game you want to play. Then you select the city you want to play in. Fill in your contact information and pay with a payment method of your choice. You will then receive an email from us with the game code and links to the manual of the game and instructions how to install the game app.
A game code gives you the opportunity to play the game with a maximum of around 25 people. It doesn’t matter when you play the game; the game code is valid indefinitely.


Step 2 – Preparation

Install the Quest Vault app on your smartphone. Our app is available for Android and iOS/Apple devices. In the email you received from us there is a clear description on how to find and install the app. There is also a link to the game manual in this email. Please read this manual to prepare for the game. You can forward the mail to the people that are also going to play the game, so they can prepare for the game as well.


Step 3 – Playing the game

At a moment of your choosing, go to the location you are going to play the game. Split up your group in different teams. Per team you need 1 phone the game is installed on. Enter the game code you received on all phones that are joining the game.
When every team is logged in to the game, press the start button in the app to start the game.
The time will start running and after 1 hour and 40 minutes the game ends automatically.
After this time the teams will receive an email with the outcome of the game and some nice statistics.