• Ideal as an activity during a bachelor party.
  • Hilarious photo assignments
  • Playable in every city or large town.
  • Choose your own start time
  • Save money for other activities
  • Played over 10.000 times

It’s the day before your marriage and you have just found out that your wedding planner screwed up and failed to arrange anything! You are challenged to save the day and make sure you will have a 5 star marriage.

Armed with a smarthpone, you will cross the city center in groups. The goal of the game is to arrange all the unfinished business such as picking up the wedding dress, rings, cake and also visit the barber to make sure you look immaculate. To make things more interesting we added some virtual characters to the game. You have to find the limo driver, a wedding photographer and a chef for the evening meal. But try to avoid your annoying mother in law and irritating ex-boyfriend who are also in the area. They might want to ruin your perfect day!
Can you still save your marriage? We certainly hope so!

We had a really nice afternoon while playing the game and really enjoyed the online photo album you get afterwards.


Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of phone do I need?
  • Our games can be played on all modern Android or Apple smartphones. You do need an active 4G connection to play the games.
  • How much data is used during the game?
  • Approximately 50 MB of data is used during the game.