Adventure games
for the real world

Unlock adventures from your phone.
Join your friends in solving clues to find the criminal or the treasure.
Take on special challenges, while finding out new ways to experience the city.

The adventures


Athletic - Crime - Suspense


You have escaped from prison but what now? Collecting some cash by cracking safes in the city center! This is however, easier said then done. A number of bounty hunters are on the prowl. With this game you get a chance to become a criminal as well as a bounty hunter as these roles are switched mid-game! Who comes up with the best tactic and who shows the most courage?

Change of Wedding plans

Collaboration - Fun - Hilarious

Change of Wedding plans

It's your weddingday but it's revealed that your weddingplanner has messed everything up. Nothing has been arranged! It's your job to make it a day worth remembering!

Holmes & Watson

Collaboration - Crime - Logic

Holmes & Watson

A murder was committed in your city and the police is failing to find any leads! Can you help them find out who the murderer is and what the murder weapon is?

Play a city,
Play the world.

Experience interactive city games that you play on your smartphone or tablet while your location controls your game character.

Think of Pokémon Go but with a set duration and a fun and exciting game theme. Solve a murder, hunt for criminals or save your marriage in 100 minutes.

On your screen you will see a map of the city you are in. The map is augmented with a virtual layer of objects that you can interact with during the game

Adventures your way,
anywhere, anytime.

During a game you walk around and discover new items and locations and encounter virtual game characters that walk around on the map.

And the best part is that you can play your games at any location of your own choice on a date and time that is convenient to you.

You will explore the city in a completely new way and discover places you have never been before. Great to play on a stag or hen party, as a company outing or with friends and family.